torsdag 30 mars 2017


For many Swedish rock/pop groups in the sixties the small domestic market went sour after a while and one way to survive was by converting into a dance band, as those were always in demand throughout the land. Known exemples - Sten & Stanley, Sven-Ingvars, Shanes and Jackpots. Moolighters instead started as a dance orchestra with a pop/rock repertoire, first recording in English but soon changing to an all Swedish songbook. After hearing and liking this debute LP I went to see them playing Savoy Hotel in Luleå 1968. It was a big disappoinment. A couple of neat lads doing slow dance covers for a posh audience, nothing even remotely rocking. Not that the music on the record is especially hard or breathtaking, but well done pop and rock with lots of fine organ and pleasant vocals. "Lucille" done slowly and screamy with fat hammond, "Mohair Sam" borderline jazzy and "Yesterday" an instrumental with flutes. Most of the rest in white soul style with some resemblance to Alan Price or Georgie Fame. As a whole a totally ok album, blending light soul and pop without being too easy listening. Vocalist Lars-Erik Holm, here under pseudonym "Larry Moon", quit the band 1975 and became one of the leading figures in Swedish show-biz as singer, songwriter, producer and TV host. He was also one of the men behind the ill-reputed erotic albums "Bordellmammas Julvisor" and "Gammeltjo Med Bordellmamma" (see earlier posts), trying to cash in on the Johnny Bode trademark. This was released in Sweden only. Reissued 1969 on Interdisc (ILPS 124). First had label as shown here and thin fully laminated cover. (SCÄ*) (CCÖ*)

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