fredag 6 februari 2015


Double LP containing picks from a European tour made early 1973 and issued summer same year between the studio albums Rock'n'roll Music To The World and Positive Vibrations. A fan at the time, but after getting five new TYA LP issues in just a little over two years I thought live versions of tracks I already had that soon would be too much surplus and didn't buy at first. Then I saw the back cover notes saying it was "an official bootleg" and that the recordings had been made "with no overdubs or additives". Of course that made me curious and I got it anyway. And it was good. Some aftermixing and leveling has been done, but the overall impression is very natural with high sound quality capturing an excellent live band at the top of their carreer. The performance is as safe as you get from the corresponing studio recordings, but there's lots of alternate ideas and presence to make it fresh. Favorite track - the cover of Al Kooper's "I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes" with its long mid part including a guitar solo homage to Clapton/Cream. As with most live albums from the period you probably have to be a fan to appreciate it fully, but this may also appeal to guitar aficionados and those who, like me, go for natural audio and want it as real as possible. First US on Columbia (C2X 32288). Issued and reissued all over the world on CD and vinyl through the years. The one shown here is obvioulsy some kind of promo, but the only thing different is the sticker - matrixes are 2-U:s as ordinary first press, all with earliest "1" mothers and "G" or "R" stampers as you would expect from a promotion copy. The label design and matt fold/out cover are the same as stock. (XYÄ*) (LYBÖ*) (ÖRJ*)

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