lördag 14 februari 2015


For more background check post on the debute "It's Too Late". This was his second, the first of ten albums for Atlantic, and as carrier of the big selling "In The Midnight Hour" (#1 on the R&B list and #21 on Billboard) also part of his breakthrough. Perceived as an original album back then, but from today's perspective a very good compilation. Nine of the twelve tracks released on single 1963-65 - five A:s and four B:s - the ealiest from the Falcons period. As expected lots of good sixties US soul with powerful vocals, but what surprised me when I heard it for the first time was the ambience. Far from the potent expression of later power soul this is actually rather cool. As with the title track. The still primitive studio facilities, sparse instrumentation, balanced mix and natural untainted audio of the mono provides a contrasting background to the intense performance and makes it real, something else and a lot more honest than many later remakes or cover versions. Exactly how I want it - more soul to me. First UK on Atlantic (ATL 5037). Premiere US had label as shown here and thick glossy cover. (YZÄ*) (ÖXCÅ*)(ÄTHP*)

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