fredag 27 februari 2015

ROD STEWART/SMILER 9104 001 (-74) UK

His fifth solo album and third and last on Mercury. Made with about the same core as the two former - the enitre Faces crew, Micky Waller and Mark Quittenton plus assorted guests this time including Elton John. It's the same formula - a mix of self-penned material and covers with about 50/50 rude rockers and languishing ballads. Nothing new or revolutionary, more clinging to a winning concept which took it to the top of the UK list and #13 on Billboard. Though the whole set sounds a little calculated it's still the Rod Stewart I like and even if I wished him best of luck with the Atlantic crossing this was the last of his albums I bought. The transition had already started here, but more apparent on the sleeve than in the music. While the inside cover and all over Scottish plaid design reminds of heritage, the pics on front and inner exhibits the newer posher avatar and you can almost smell the perfume. First US on Mercury (SRM 1-1017). Premiere UK had custom label as shown here, laminated fold/out cover and picture/info inner. (SXÅH*)

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