måndag 2 februari 2015

PATTO 6360 016 (-70) UK

I remember being a little disappointed first time I heard it. Bought my premiere copy in the early eighties after reading positive reveiws and hearing from friends - all telling me what a great prog album it was. At the time I was deep into Colosseum, Billy Cobham's "Spectrum" and even more adventurous acts so I had high expectations for this to be of the same kind. But what I experienced back then was totally different. With exception of one track - "Money Bag" - it was mostly heavy white blues with jazzy interludes and not at all the total mindblower I needed. Now thirty years later with new ears and improved taste allowing me to give more attention to details I get the full magnitude. Very skilled musicians combined with attractive vocals wasn't unheard (of) at the time, but as I understand most of this was recorded live in the studio, partly by jamming, with only few overdubs. And that's what makes it remarkable. It isn't hard to produce an album if you're permitted an unlimited number of re-takes and overdubs, but to get it this good from straight-on takes is exceptional. Also the audio on this UK press is stunning. Big and bouncy, yet clear and so natural it's like being invited to the studio. I know getting tophole analog audio isn't a big thing for many collectors, but to me it's crusial for full enjoyment. In this case the fact that you can get the total ambience and almost feel the instruments adds a lot (e.g. I can't think of any other LP I've heard with such perfect drum reproduction). My favorite track remains "Money Bag" - where guitarist Olly Halshall plays some impossible licks to an eclectic background - but nowadays I got no demurs whatsoever and it all sounds great to me. Contemporary releases on Vertigo in Germany, France (same rec. numbers) and US (VEL-1001). Reissued many times on CD, legit or not. 2002 Italian vinyl on Akarma (AK 185). Premiere UK had labels as shown here and heavily structured fold/out cover with dated spiral inner. (WLÖ*)

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  1. "I can't think of any other LP I've heard with such perfect drum reproduction".
    Spot on!