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Birmingham combo forming in the early sixties by merging members from small local bands. They got a contract with Decca 1963 and issued four singles without any big public respond. It was was first with the fifth - the Greenaway/Cook composition "You've Got Your Troubles" - sales started to boom with #2 in UK, #7 in US and top ten on lists all over the world. Next single "Here It Comes Again" managed #4 in UK and high in a couple of other countries, but didn't do as well in US. As the main musical scene transformed towards psych and white blues around 1966 sales started to drop. In 1967 they changed label to United Artists, continued to release singles and also did advertising jingles, but now at a downslope. After changing label again - this time to Capitol - they made a short comback with a couple of top 10:s in UK and one #15 in US 1971. Since then the band has continued to play clubs and nostalgia shows through different settings and probably will for a long time yet. Out of four original albums - remaining three issued 1969 (where of one for Coca Cola) - I've always seen this as their best and most honest. It's the only one with original setting, firmly tied to the times in which it was made and without any trials adjusting to latter days common changes in musical directions or commercial realities. It's good 1965 pop, kind and soothing with elaborated vocal harmonies. Topped by the two most successful UK '45:s with the rest in about the same mode. A style today by newer generations often considered unmodern or obsolete, but still working for us who were there. It sure gives me flashbacks from mid sixties school dances - nervous invites, sweaty palms and first kisses. First US on Press Records (PR 73002/PRS 83002). CD reissue on Deram came with six single cuts as bonus. Premiere UK had ridged label as shown here and laminated cover. Also as stereo (SKL 4736).

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