onsdag 18 februari 2015


After over two years as backing band for Cliff Richard and a couple of hit singles on their own they got to record their first album. As later stated by producer Norrie Paramor there were bad feelings within the band from the beginning which brought disturbance to the sessions and eventually led to both initial members Tony Meeham and Jet Harris leaving the band, making this the only solo album by the original Shadows. There's certainly no traces of animosity in the final result - the band sounds tight and the vocal harmonies works beautifully. Six of the tracks written by group members, eight covers. Greater part instrumental building on Marvin's guitar and three vocal cuts showing they also did very well without Cliff even this early. As it seems the UK public thought so too and the album stayed on top of the list for over a month. So it's a good exemple of early British pop, but what makes this especially collectible to me is the first press stereo. Though with sparse instrumentation and few overdubs they managed to keep it together with crystal clear audio. Balance not all natural, still with enough spread to make it enjoyable - e.g. vocal harmonies in "Baby My Heart" and "All My Sorrows" shared between the channels. And of all label designs over the world through the years this Columbia stereo has to be among the most attractive. Used between 1958-62, before the common mono/stereo was introduced, and then mostly for classic music. The modern fifties layout with pistachio/silver colors is a true piece of art. First UK on thick vinyl and laminated flip/back cover with large "stereo" on front. (CXÄ*) (FÖGÄ*)

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