lördag 2 januari 2016

BILDJOURNALENS TOPPSKIVA/No. 1, 2, 5 flexi discs (-65/-66) MONO SWEDEN

Flexi discs must be counted as the black sheep among vinyl formats. Sheet thin and floppy with fragile grooves they didn't last many spins if treated wrongly which many of them were. Most frequent in the sixties, always as freebees with albums and magazines or even unrelated merchandize. Best way to play was putting them on a regular 45 with a weight in the middle to smooth the wobbles. If you're lucky enough to find one of those carefully treated today you'll hear that some play quite sufficiant. The ones shown here are three out of totally five flexis released 1965-66 by Swedish pop/rock magazine "Bildjournalen" - all 33rpm with three cuts on each. Recordings were made especially for the issues and never originally put on any other format, though some of the songs showed up re-recorded later. To me very rewarding getting oddities by then prominent Swedish bands as well as one-offs from the almost unknown. RECORD 1 - Mascots "Words Enough To Tell You", Merrymen "In Vain", Shanes "People Don't Like Me". RECORD 2 - Ola & Janglers "My Mean Memory", Stranglers "I'll Never Cry Again", Tages "The Man You*ll Be Looking For". RECORD 5 - The Hounds "Sunday On The Beach", DeeJays "Inside My Mind", Anita Berggren "You Can't Go Wrong". Don't have enough time or place to go into every single track, but if you're into Swedish sixties pop/rock you're guaranteed to find gems here. My favorites are the Shanes number, having a much rawer version of the song that later showed up on their "Shanegang" album, and Merrymen's rather primitive garage cut. All records were hosted in thin paper bags with pictures and band/song info. (SÄM*) (SCÄ*) (XHÄ*) (CCÖ*)

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