onsdag 13 januari 2016


Took some time to finally get this debute album and give it a fair chance. For me it had warning signs all over - former members of Liverpool beat band The Merseybeats getting together for some kind of comeback by playing list friendly rather mushy seventies pop. At the time very successful in Brazil with three #1 but also quite popular in UK with four singles high on the list. The little I heard from them back then had a style reminding of contemporary top acts as ELO, Wings or 10CC and I had enough of that already so I let it be. Listening today forty years later I'm surprised how good it is. Even if the sound as such has a lot in common with the aforementioned bands it's so well done you might soon forget the likeness and just enjoy. There are no fillers here, songwriting is diverse with elaborated melodies and catchy moments. Vocals beautiful, sometimes high pitched and always nailing it with nice timbre. Arrangements by Bruce Baxter and produced by Hal Carter/Peter Swettenham. Not the most famous in the trade, but result showing on considerable skill. This album maybe not for those who's always looking for 100% personal or one-of-a-kind stuff, but if you just want a couple of catchy love songs, well performed and wrapped in a warm cozy atmosphere it could fit. Favorite track - "You Are My Love". Also originally released in some European and South American countries, but to my knowledge not in US. Never reissued though a couple of the tracks showed up on the US 2002 Every Man Records CD compilation "The Best Of Liverpool Express" (no number). Premiere UK had label as shown here and thin matt cover.

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