måndag 11 januari 2016


An attempt by the band to leave the refined symphonic psych style behind and concentrate on more regular songwriting. It proved very successful and the album became a huge seller world wide with #1 in UK, #3 on Billbord and topping a number of other lists. The "news" you get here is ten separate songs having no obvious common theme, but the arrangements and production are as meticulous and beautiful as ever before. The melodies are still romantic, well written and catchy, but when not tangled or hidden in some kind of symphonic pattern they appear even clearer and strike harder. I loved the album from first listen and fortyfive years later still keep it in mind. Doesn't matter how long between spins, as soon as I start playing it all comes back...so many emotions. I get sentimental, melancoly and relaxed in a very positive way. Highly commercial, very catchy and moving - but never mushy, over simplyfied or grovelling. No one does stuff like that anymore. Favorite tracks - "Minstrel's Song", "Don't You Feel Small" and "Melancholy Man". Issued and reissued on vinyl, 8-track, cassette and CD over the years, some with bonus cuts. First US on London/Threshold (THS 3). Early UK had label as shown here, top opening Garrod & Lofthouse fold out cover with "tuck-in flap" and pink lyric/picture insert. (MBÅL*) (DÄRR*)

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