onsdag 20 januari 2016


Though French Canadian sibling dou Kate (1946-2010) and Anna McGarrigle may not be fully recognized by all music lovers today they're still held high by most folk and country aficionados. First and foremost hailed as songwriters - covered by artists as Nana Mouskouri, Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, Pet Shop Boys and Judy Collins - while their own recordings never hit the big time. Maybe unfair cause most of ten original albums issued 1975-2005 are well composed and performed with the sisters' personal, sometimes girlish and sometimes sexy, vocals on top. Together with the 1982 follow-up "Love Over And Over" this is my favorite. Originally titled "Entre La Jeunesse Et La Sagesse" in Canada, but renamed "French Record" for issues in other countries. It's a kind of semi-sampler having a collection of older songs combined with a couple of new ones. As all lyrics are in French, a language I'm not fully aquainted with, my connection is almost entirely with the melodies and vocals. And in this case that's enough to fall in love. To my taste not a bad moment on it - talent and beauty nicely combined. Favorite tracks - "Complainte Pour Ste-Catherine" is magic, so special and timeless with perfect vocals it still tickles me after all those years plus "Avant La Guerre" and "Entre La Jeunesse Et La Sagesse" both with beautiful memorable melodies. Premiere Canadian as "Entre La Jeunesse Et La Sagesse" on Kebéc-disc (KD 990) with totally different sleeve design. US on Hannibal (HNBL 1302). 1992 CD on Polydor (314 513 554-2). First UK had label as shown here and thin matt cover. (FÄV*)(GZÅ*)

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