fredag 22 januari 2016


Michio Myagi (1894-1956) was a highly ranked performer of the old Japanese string instrument koto, both as keeper and renewer of the ancient musical tradition. Apart from performing traditional pieces domestically he also worked with French violinist Renee Chemet in the thirties, released records in US and Europe and gained recognition in circuits outside Japan. This particular album was released just after his death and as I understand it's a compilation of assorted earlier recordings. When I first found it decades ago I took it for the art and sensuality - the pictures, calligraphy, label design and heavy vinyl - but didn't listen much. It seemed too strange for my ears. I still have problems with going all in, but on the other hand the music itself is not very far from Eno's ambient trials or other electronically based modern pieces, only the instruments differ. Sounds like the same quest for serenity and connection beyond wordly patterns - though in this case it's not a search anymore, cause he's already there. I do enjoy the stillness and simplicity of the tunes more and more and maybe one day I'll be able to connect 100%. Released in Japan only, reissued a couple of years later on Victor (JL-21) with totally different sleeve design. First had label as shown here, plastic covered sleeve, white stiff specially cut inner and fourteen page picture/info booklet. (ÄZÄ*)

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