måndag 4 januari 2016


For listening pleasures I've always preferred the US mono - "The Who Sings My Generation" (Decca DL 4664) - because of its different tracking and clearer audio. Still this is the original, issued four months earlier and recorded on their home turf at IBC studios in London. The band wasn't totally pleased with the result and has described it as a haste job, rushed to follow up their two first singles and recorded in just five days. Maybe there was stress even through mixing and pressing, which would explain the sometimes muddy outcome of the UK 1st press. Even so this has about everything you need from a mid-sixties rock album. Many new self-penned songs, direct live-in-the-studio feeling, all well played with a very rude outcome. In a way simply good garage, but as time went by also grown to be embraced by rock historians and collectors and frequently called "first hard rock album", "first power pop album" or "best rock album ever". To my taste there were a few other groups in Britain alone competing for those titles at the time - like the Pretty Things debute, many early Kinks efforts or Yardbirds - but as a whole this is sure one of the better. Frequently issued in all possible formats all over the world through the years. Premiere UK had matt ridged label as shown here and thin laminated cover. (WÖH*)

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  1. Interesting posting. This must be the best pressing of this record I reckon.

  2. Personally I enjoy the audio on the US mono more, but it's all a matter of taste...