onsdag 27 januari 2016


A collection of folk songs with themes connected to working and craftsmanship. Recorded at a set up ad hoc studio in a London pub 1962 by a mix of renowned folk singers and debutants. By many regarded the most important or at least a classic album in the Topic catalogue in that it helped a previously very narrow genre to get more attention and presenting a couple of long time struggling artists to a wider public. In a way also one of the first signs of a movement that a decade later would result in the highly commercial British folk rock boom - not as much the style or preformance as an inspiration to upcoming artists. Big fan of later seventies folk rock myself and even if I don't feel 100% in with the more traditional performances here I do get my money's worth, especially through the vocals by the 18 y.o. Anne Briggs in her two very first recordings - an a-capella version of "The Recruited Collier" and "The Doffing Mistress" supported by background quires only. Sheer female beauty conveyed by full direct audio make me wanna listen again and again. US first 1964 on Elektra (EKL 279) used different sequence and omitted "The Colliers Daughter". The CD version kept seven of the original cuts adding nineteen more from other preiod Topic albums. Due to label design I guess the UK shown here is not the very first, but a later press. It came with matt label, laminated cover and a six page fold-out lyric/info/picture insert. (BRYF*) (FÄV*) (SÄM*) (QÖP*)

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