fredag 15 januari 2016


Russ Sainty (born 1936 as Alfred Charles Sainty) may not be much remebered by music fans today, but back in the days he was a prominent figure on the early British rock scene, doing numerous shows for BBC together with cabaret performances and recording singles for Decca, HMV and Columbia, either solo or backed by his band "The Nu-Notes". Never a big record seller though and as merseybeat, white blues and psych started to dominate the British scene the style he represented became obsolete and he eventually vanished from focus. This was his only original album, probably an attempt to adjust to a more modern sound by doing stuff from the biggest sellers at the time. And it's the clash between the Beatles songs and the old style that makes it so charming. If you can imagine Lennon/McCartney compositions played by a simple but competent dance band at a hotel bar late night 1957. All songs performed exactly the same way, apparently live in the studio with lots of reverb on the vocals. Never outbursting or even close to adventurous, just neat and well behaved. Saga label wasn't exactly known for their great audio, but this is surprisingly good giving a being-there feeling. Maybe not a record for wild parties or mind trips, but with tons of atmosphere reminding of more innocent times. This first release in UK only. Reissued 1971 as ""Million Copy Sellers Made By The Beatles" on UK Boulevard (4064) and in New Zeeland on Music For Leasure (191). Premiere UK had label as shown here, thick vinyl and laminated cover with "Saga" inner. (FÖGÄ*) (SÄGÖ*) (MÖRS*)

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