torsdag 28 april 2016


A follow-up to, and apparently a product of the same sessions as, the 1974 "I Can Stand A Little Rain", but while that has become his best selling album hithero this hasn't done as well. Seems unfair to me. His voice here is as attractively sored and tattered as ever, song choice soulful with perfect fit and backing tophole. I can't find a bad track on it - slow or up-tempo he's growling and grunting through the songs still hitting the notes and making it beautiful with the sometimes borderline acridness perfectly balanced by a sweet and heartfelt backing. To me especially the saxophones (played by Jim Horn, Bobby Keys and Jim Lawrence) and female background vocals stands out. The impression I get is more of a joint effort by a band of equals than a solo artist supported by an ad hoc studio ensamble - supertight with a mutual feeling. Favorite tracks - "(That's What I Like) In My Woman", "Oh Mama" and "It's All Over But The Shouting". Issued and reissued on vinyl, cassette and CD all over the world through the years. Premiere US on A&M (SP-4529). First UK had label as shown here, thick vinyl and matt cover with lyric/picture insert and custom Cube inner. (MÖRS*) (FXÖ*) (JÖC*)

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