onsdag 27 april 2016


Been trying for decades to find an ok US first press mono of this within my price range, but no luck yet. So far the closest I've come is this second press stereo, but that's not so bad either. I do get the alternative tracking in comparison to the UK issue - "Utterly Simple" and "Hope I Never Find Me There" omitted and replaced with "Paper Sun", "Hole In My Shoe" and "Smiling Phases". All cuts are true stereo and the audio formidable - so loud and distinct it's almost intrusive. Pressing is tophole, clean and dead silent between tracks and I also get the original cover with band pics in color on both front and back. Even if I keep looking for the first press mono, this is so good in so many ways and giving such enjoyable listening it'll do for now. Premiere issue came 1968 on black label, either named "Mr Fantasy" or "Heaven Is In Your Mind", with identical cover design. This second probably 1969 with changed label, but made from early matrixes and in the same cover. (TXÄW*) (YZÄ*)

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