fredag 29 april 2016


One of those albums so handeled and mangeled in medias the image created around it has outrivaled the record itself in the public eye. Not adding to that, just sharing a few personal thoughts. My two favorite Alice Cooper albums have always been "Killer" and "Billion Dollar Babies" - both carrying the same strangely appealing blend of repellent and catchy. With this issued inbetween, superficially in the same style and having same producer - Bob Ezrin - you'd expect it to come out about the same, but it doesn't. Title track, "Luny Tune" and "Gutter Cat Vs. The Jets" gives a rocking start, after that it slows down through a mix of different styles. Nothing bad, yet harder to grasp as an entity. Back then I read in one of the music magazines (can't remember which) the LP was the result of a wrecked rock opera (or maybe it was a theme-album) project. Don't know if that's true, but if the cuts originally were twitched out of a bigger context and then put together causally it would explain the random outcome...or maybe I got it all wrong. I still think it's a very good album, just not up there with the surrounding ones. Favorite track apart from the three mentioned - "Alma Mater". First UK had label as shown here, "fold-out bench" cover and paper nicker inner.

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