onsdag 13 april 2016


Record collecting certainly is an all inclusive trade with something for everyone. I have friends who'll gladly spend hundreds of dollars extra on an item just because the label has the "right" shade, fonts on rear sleeve are uncommon or it's issued in a certain country...and that even if they don't particularly like the music or audio on it. At the same time it's possible to get a vinyl compilation in good nick from a period of your choice with lots of lovable songs, top audio and in some cases rare edits for next to nothing. As in this case. A British "TV ad" collection on a Polydor subsidiary label. Twenty tracks from 1969-72, many list toppers and ones that got lot of air play back then. Five of them mono single edits (marked * on track list below), the rest true stereo. I get quite a few personal favorites from the days - e.g. Melanie "What Have They Done To My Song, Ma", Slade "Coz I Luv You", Rod Stewart "Maggie May", BeeGees "My World" - plus a couple I may not have fancied then, but get a positive kick from listening to today - like Mixtures "Pushbike Song", Seekers "Beg, Steal Or Borrow" and Johnny Johnson "(Blame it) On The Pony Express"...so many memories. Audio is shifting, but all over surprisingly good for a low budget issue with ten cuts on each side - most of it big and warm with good separation. May not attract the poshest gatherers, but if you just need a stack of catchy songs with good audio on a chunk of everlasting vinyl for a few bucks it comes highly recommended. Issued in UK only, also on 8-track and cassette. LP with label as shown here and fully laminated cover. (SÄM*)

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