lördag 2 april 2016


Sampler from the then new independent Stiff label, containing cuts by some of their first signed artists. This has a little of everything that constitutes a collectible compilation. Premature trials from later major acts, otherwise 45 only tracks, one-offs, one cut "hidden" due to contractual problems and tons of good period rock. Some of the rarer tracks have shown up on later CD or vinyl collections, but if you want it all on resonably early vinyl this is it. Sixth track on side one - Graham Parker's classic rocker "Back To Schooldays" not mentioned on cover or label since he still was signed to Vertigo at time for release and they tried to avoid law suite. The Wreckless Eric, Elvis Costello and Tyla Gang numbers would later show up on original albums. Motorhead "White Line Fever" and Takeaways "Food" were single B-sides only, Jill Reed's "Maybe" an EP only cut and the rest, as it seems, didn't reach further than this compilation. Favorite tracks - Motorhead "White Line Fever" this early with some remaining Hawkwind feel, Nick Lowe's heavy melodic "I Love My Label", Dave Edmunds strangely raw "Jo Jo Gunne" and the Stones Masonry r&b instrumental sounding like Alexis Korner at the Marquee 1962. Most of the production simple with tophole audio providing very good listening. Also released on vinyl all over Europe, in Japan and downunder, but to my knowledge not in US. First UK had label as shown here, glossy cover and picture/credit inner. (SÄM*) (DÄWÄ*)

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