onsdag 6 april 2016


UK hard rock super group existing 1971-73, including former members of Atomic Rooster (John Cann, Paul Hammond) and Quatermass (John Gustafson). First album "Bulletproof" (Purple TPSA 7505) also had a singer - Harry Shaw - who left the band soon after recording and by the time for this follow-up they were down to a trio with John Cann doing the vocals. During the sessions Cann and Hammond were badly injured in a car accident resulting in long hospital treatments, but they somehow succeded to finish the recordings in time. After release the band dissolved. Hammond forced to a two year convalescence due to severe leg damages from the crash, Cann went to Thin Lizzy and Gustafson to Roxy Music. In retrospective group members have said the LP didn't work out as intended, much due to the accident. Maybe so, but listening today I get a fresh, down to earth and very enjoyable LP. A blend of hard rock, funk and plain rock'n'roll with a pinch of psych, well produced yet transparent enough to enable connection. As always I'm a sucker for fleshy guitars and there's much such here. As the mad psych title track, the perky riff in funky "Spider's Webb" or the all raw "Roll A Rocket". A fine exemple of early free spirited hard rock as it was before the genre was set and the acts began to be shaped in the same mold. US first came with a different sleeve design (Mecury SRM 1-633). Japan 2088 CD as limited edition mini-LP with paper sleeve (Air Mail Archive AIRAC-1510). Premiere UK had label as shown here and structured fold/out cover. (HÄVL*)

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