torsdag 8 december 2016


My collecting isn't just about the music I heard in my teens - pop/rock/psych/prog and related. I also enjoy finding all kinds of early LP.s and then especially well-endowed oddities like this. The artist Karl Gerhard (1891-1964) has a story far too long for this media. Following is a seriously abridged version. From debute 1919 up to his death he was one of the main characters in Swedish show-biz as actor, author, songwriter, theater manager and performer in around thirty popular stage shows, known for his intelligent, funny and often mean lyrics. In spite of the elegant and even snobbish appearance his heart was to the left and he loved making fun of the upper classes and the political establishment. A known anti-fascist and during World War II one of his shows - "Den Ökända Hästen Från Troja" (The Notorious Horse From Troy) - was banned and put down by the Swedish authorities because of its sharp edge against Hitler, as they were afraid it could lead to an invasion. This 2x10 inch has studio re-recordings of eighteen of his most loved songs, performed as vocal with piano backing. To my knowledge it was one of the very first Swedish pressed LP. It's also one of the first double albums anywhere not being a compilation or from a live performance, but containing studio recordings made especially for the release. Sold in an edition of 1000 numbered and signed copies on a label created for the occation. Sleeve seems to have been made by a book manufacturer with its thick hard binding, structured black/gold spine and brown paper pockets for the records and lyric booklet instead of pages inside. Totally irresistable and a feast for all senses. (SCÄ*) (CCÖ*) (NYFÖ*) (MÖRS*)

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