tisdag 6 december 2016


For background also check post on her "A Cut Above" album. This was its closest predecessor and since issued three years earlier you'd expect them to differ a lot due to the long time span inbetween. And there are a few dissimilarities. The instrumental support here is less sparse - one cut even has a drum/bass backing - and the wistfulness isn't as overwhelming. Some of the numbers are actually positive and humorous, reminding of what she did with Maddy Prior on "Silly Sisters". But more important - that darkish, unbridled and (dare I say) sexy voice is already here setting the tone for the whole record, giving it an enticing quality making me wanna return for yet another spin. "A Cut Above" has always been my June Tabor favorite, so perfect for autumn moods. This has its fair share of melancholy moments too, but can also bring a smile. Both high quality folk music LP:s and which to prefer just a matter of state of mind. Favorite tracks - "Streets Of Forbes", "Now I'm Easy" and "Flowers Of The Forrest". Originally released in UK only. US 1991 CD on Green Linnet (GLCD 3063). Not sure if this first matrix vinyl was pressed over a longer period on various label designs and in that case how early this particular one is. However the audio is top notch, natural and touching, so it's good either way. It came in a thin, fully laminated cover. (FÄV*) (BRYF*) (QÖP*)

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