fredag 9 december 2016


The twelfth of twenty Bam Caruso samplers (Rubble 1-20), each including some of the oddest sixties recordings from mostly long forgotten UK psych, freak beat and mental bands. This is no exception. If you're a serious genre and/or label collector East Of Eden "Nothern Hemisphere" and World Of Oz "Like A Tear" might be on original albums in your collection, but the rest were non-LP - here six Deram A:s and eight B:s - and I guess very few of us can count in all of those. Musically maybe not to everyone's taste, but for rooters like me who prefer the inventive and unrestrained and also value historical aspects it's heaven. A few exemples: Timebox "Gone Is The Sad Man" - dreamy piece from the band that later developed into Patto. Warm Sounds "Night Is A-Comin'/Smeta Murgaty - both sides of their last single, weird melodic with psych guitars, just before they merged with Hapshash & The Coloured Coat. Bulldog Breed's "Portcullis Gate" - stylewise close to the "Made In England" album, but far from the members later work with T2 or Asgard. Denny Laine "Catherine's Wheel" - orchestrated and melodic B-side with high-pitched vocals also including Viv Prince on drums, recorded somewhere between Laine's Moody Blues and Wings assignments. I could go on digging deeper and flaunting all numbers, but that would take a novel and we don't want that. You get the idea - to me it combines the very rare with the very good and comes highly recommended. All cuts are true mixes - "Northern Hemisphere", "Like A Tear" and "Gone Is The Sad Man" stereo, the rest mono. Released in UK only. Nineties reissue on Past & Present Records (PAPRLP 012). Don't know of any CD issues. First had label as shown here, laminated cover and picture/info inner including the band's discographies. (SÄM*) (ÖGÄ*)

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