tisdag 13 december 2016


How much can you expect from a band compilation issued around ten years after the fact? I guess anticipations differ, but in my world this is near bloody perfect and could be used as a role model for how it should be done. I get twenty single B-sides from one of my favorite sixties bands, all carrying original mixes - four stereo and sixteen mono - with very good audio. Each track has info on relating A-side, release date and 45 record number. Rear cover also has deeper insights to some of the songs by renowned music journalist Mick Houghton. The package quality is more than sufficient - on the black silver Parlophone label with a mono number, hosted in a fully laminated Garrod & Lofthouse sleeve. One might think a compilation of flip sides would convey less important stuff than a Greatest Hits and here maybe so, but not by much. It's a well corresponding blend of garage r&b, intelligent pop and psych and pretty much the same ride, just from the back seat this time. Such an amount of goodies I'm having a hard time picking favorites, but maybe these for now - "Signs That Will Never Change", "So Lonely", "All The World Is Love", "Do The Best You Can" and "Nobody". Released in UK only. 1990 reissues on See For Miles Records on vinyl (SEE 302) and CD (SEECD 302) both came with two bonus tracks. First had label as shown here and thin fully laminated cover. (HÖLY*) (PÖX*) (PÖP*)

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