torsdag 22 december 2016


For background check post on her previous album "Eli And The Thirteenth Confession". For me this was a lot harder to get into. Backing is sparser, placing her very special voice more in the centre. Her vocal expression may be an aquired taste for some and can take some time to level with, but once you're there it's a perfect fit to the message. The whole atmosphere here is dark and melancholy. I get the impression of a lonely troubled girl sharing both her doubts and search for love, totally open with her heart on the sleeve. So personal, for better or worse, it's like you have to know and accept the person to understand the record...or maybe you get to know her just by listening. Refreshing in a way hearing an album this far from calculating and commercial hooks. Like she didn't care about sales or success, only wanted to get it out. Have to admit that for me one or two lighter tunes would have made the album more balanced and thus easier to take in, but you can't argue with art and that's what I get here - a piece of art so special and self-contained reviews seems pointess. Favorite tracks - "Gibsom Street", "Captain Saint Lucifer" and "Captain For Dark Mornings". Premiere US on Columbia (KCS 9737). 2002 CD on Columbia (508069 2) came with two bonus tracks. First UK had label as shown here, heavy vinyl, SBPG matrixes and thin matt fold/out cover. (FÄV*)

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