fredag 2 december 2016


The Genesis albums closest to my heart will always be "Nursery Cryme" and "Foxtrot", both fully fledged without downers and hardly any dead spots. This is almost there - filled with catchy songs and exciting moments, but to my taste as a rock opera or theme album too long with a libretto that doesn't always make sense. There are also a couple of instrumental parts I could be without. I sometimes see discussions about how some double albums - like Exile On Main Street, White Album or Ummagumma - would benefit from being shortened to a single album and I'm always against it. As classic albums and pieces of art they're already canonized. You don't cut a Picasso canvas in two halfs just because you don't like the cube to the left. But I can't help toying with the thought that the best songs here would come out even better by skipping the theme and losing some dead weight. There's so much good material to pick from for, let's say, a ten track single album. Exactly which tracks may be up for debate, but these are my choice - "Cuckoo Cocoon", "The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging", "Counting Out Time", "Carpet Crawl", "The Chamber Of 32 Doors", "Lilywhite Lilith", "Anyway", "The Lamia", "The Colony Of Slippermen" and "It". All beautiful by themselves without any need for framing. Original album frequently issued and reissued on vinyl, cassette and CD all over the world through the years. First US on ATCO (SD 2-401). Premiere UK had label as shown here with "B&C" marketing, matt fold/out cover and lyric inners. (CÄX*) (GYÄ*) (RÖKÖ*)

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