fredag 16 december 2016


First Deram sampler, containing numbers from the label's early years. As released in "stereo" only you'd expect at least some rare two-channel cuts to appear, but no. Insted you get a mix mix. Ten Years After "Portable People" and the two Move tracks are mono, "Whiter Shade Of Pale" fake stereo and the rest true stereo. Six of the tracks were previously 45 only and here for the first time on UK LP - TYA "Portable People", Move "I Can Hear The Grass Grow" and "Night Of Fear", Procol Harum "Whiter Shade Of Pale", Flower Pot Men "Let's Go To San Fransisco" and Johnny Howard Orchestra "Bonnie And Clyde". Back then budget samplers was it if you couldn't afford to buy all hit singles. Today probably less rewarding in a computerized context with CD.s and downloads, but you do get the original audio - natural and analogically direct in a way no modern methods could mimic - and that's gotta be worth something. This was a UK only issue, also exported. First came with label as shown here and laminated cover. (SÄM*) (DÄRR*)

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