fredag 16 oktober 2015


Another trip down memory lane and about the same story as before. Music I heard as a kid from my father's 78:s or the valve radio in the living room. It gave a nice atmosphere to grow up in and today fiftyfive or more years later taking me back to that secure place - all I have to do is sit down, close my eyes and listen. The reason I always prefer early transmissions from wax to vinyl over cleansed, adjusted and "embettered" later variations is the ambience - the warmth but also sometimes muddy outcome - exactly as I remember. This 10 inch is right on. A couple of 78:s from the thirties and forties very carefully transmitted and I guess very hard to distiguish from the originals as played on state of the art equipment at the time. Good listening all through, but the two cuts with Jimmy Rushing (1901-72) on vocals adds that little extra. A blues/jazz singer in the band 1935-48 with a unique combination of personality and power. Never mentioned among the big ones today, maybe it's time for a revival. Contemporary US issue as a 4x45 box (9-7012). UK first on Brunswick (LA 8589) with 1953 reissue on Decca (BML 8589). Premiere US had label as shown here and stiff matt cover. (YZÄ*) (NYFÖ*) (CLÄZ)

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