fredag 23 oktober 2015


Big Supremes fan in the sixties, but when Diana Ross left the combo for a solo carreer my interest vanished both for her and the regenerated band. Thought she'd become too posh and the reformed group lost the original magic. However listening to this UK compiltion today I have to admit she did some good, at least initially. It contains sixteen cuts from 1970-71, larger part issued as 45 A:s or B:s but also on either of her first three studio albums (not counting the "Lady Sings The Blues" soundtrack). What I hear here is part of the recordings sounding a lot like late Supremes - i.e. "These Things Will Keep Me Loving You", "Surrender" and "How About You" - with some remaining sixties Motown feel. Others way too pompous for my taste like the long slow "Reach Out" cover - almost an insult to the strong catchy Four Tops version. Audio and production top notch though with a little less strings I probably would have liked more of it. Still with enough good moments and even if I wont get any of her original solo albums this stays, kept next to Supremes "Cream Of The Crop". 1972 issues in UK and Australia (STMA 7001), but to my knowledge not on vinyl in US. 1988 CD on Tamla Motown (WD 72478). First UK had label as shown here and laminated fold/out cover. (FÄV*) (TÖMÖ*) (ZYZÖ*)

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