måndag 19 oktober 2015


For background check post on their debute http://monolover.blogspot.se/search?q=nqb . That had one live and one studio side with an all over garage quality - meager production but very charming. On this follow-up it's like a totally different band. Some of it may have to do with they added a fifth member - Py Bäckman - as vocalist and song writer, but also other studio treatment and audio. Professionally produced by Adrian Moar (of which I know very little other than he also handeled Tages, Blond and a couple of other Swedish bands). As the Black Sabbath inspired front cover hints this is rather heavy rock. In fact more glam than hard-rock, but with darker threads attached. Vocals goes from reminding of Lulu to Laura Nyro, but still having a girlish charm which works very well to the mostly powerful background. Musically it's very diverse - some resembling US seventies rock with an arena feeling, some like UK glam. First listen may get you hooked on that, but there are also a couple of psych interludes and some of the cuts includes changes in themes and rythms, layers that makes it last longer. Favorite tracks - "Lady La-Di-Da" for the power guitar riff, "Oh La La" heavy with partly warped vocals and "I'm Your Rock'n'Roll Star" because of the rather odd mix of up-tempo and slow doomsday hard-rock. The record didn't sell much domestically on release and without any international recognition the band broke up soon after. It's probably the heaviest and most diverse period album from an all girl group. If you're into seventies rock, female vocal or just want good rare album it's well worth a try. Don't know of any other vinyl issues. Released on CD 1996 coupled with their first album (Hendrix Music Production NSCD 50/56). This first had label as shown here and thin fully laminated cover. (FÄV*) (SCÄ*) (CCÖ*)

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