lördag 24 oktober 2015

CLIMAX BLUES BAND/1969-72 SHSM 2003 (-75) UK

One more from the excellent UK Harvest Heritage serie. That gave a chance to get rare tracks with orignal mixes and audio to a fraction of the price you'd have to pay to get all first presses involved, not seldom including former 45 only cuts. This has a couple of single A:s and B:s, but all those also on albums so that's not the main value here. To me that lies in getting recordings from their early years while still named "Climax Chicago Blues Band", especially the first two Parlophone albums - the eponymous debute (PMC/PCS 7069) and "Plays On" (PCS 7084) - both very hard to find in original nick today. And if you're into heavy white blues/rock, sometimes with proggy interludes, it's all good picks with no need to jump tracks. Favorites - "Reap What I've Sowed", "Please Don't Help Me" and "That's All". To my knowledge only issued in UK. First had label as shown here and thin structured cover. (HÄVL*)

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