lördag 10 oktober 2015


Gotta be the only time a known budget label spawned their own dearer sub label. After selling millions of cheap reissues and compilations UK EMI's "Music For Pleasure" decided to launch a special offspring 1973 - taking over some of main label's more known acts and concentraing on better audio. Whatever was said in press releases at the time - about giving the public better quality and thus in a way offering price worthy after all - I suspect the real aim was to enable a price raise and thus further cash in on the label's good name and former big sales. However that may be about a hundred different issues were released in a couple of years and sold quite all right. Since almost all were reissues the label has been seen as second class and forgotten for a long time, but in later years started to raise some interest from vinyl collectors. This is one early exemple and, apart from the rather cheapish cover, it actually is high quality. To my ears a very representative selection from the years 1963-67. All true stereo with superb sound. Die-hard Motown fans would prefer the originals regardless of outcome, but if you just want to have good music with top audio without paying a lot, this is truly recommended. Don't know of any other issues. If there were you can distinguish this first UK by label as shown here, thin semi-glossy cover and MFP ad inner. (FÄV*) (TÖMÖ*) (PÖP*) (SXS*)

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