måndag 5 oktober 2015

SKID ROW/SKID S 63965 (-70) UK

Band formed in Dublin 1967, original setting with among others Bernie Cheevers on guitar and Phil Lynott as vocalist. 1968 Cheevers left replaced by then 16 y.o. Gary Moore. As band leader bassist Brush Shields, partly inspired by Jimi Hendrix Experience, wanted a power trio Lynott was dropped from the line-up later same year and Shields took over the lead vocals. Lynott then continued to form Thin Lizzy soon after, but that's another story. The remaining trio went on to play live support for a couple of more prominent bands and got an early fan in Peter Green who helped them get a contract with Columbia/CBS. The group recorded two albums for the label - this debute and "34 Hours" - before starting to disintegrate at the end of 1971. Don't know how much producer Clifford Davies was involved here as regulator or advisor, but clearly not a lot. I get the impression of three young guys bursting with ambition set free in the studio to do whatever they want. The genres shifts between psych, prog, blues, hard rock and country and many of the cuts includes multiple themes and rythm changes. Moore's guitars are prominent all through showing he was a whiz at the instrument even this early - either as a fast player, doing cheeky rythms or providing a true blues feel. There's a lot of nerve involved craving connection. I find it rather demanding and hard to listen to in one sitting, but devoured separately almost all cuts are gems together forming an outstanding debute album. Favorite tracks - the raw "Unco-Up Showband Blues" and the psych/prog "Felicity" - both with amazing guitars. First US/Canadian on Epic (E 30404) came with band pic on rear sleeve. Japan 1992 CD on Epic (ESCA 5534), German 2007 remastered on Repertoire (RES 2339). Premiere UK had label as shown here and thin matt cover.

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