lördag 17 oktober 2015


Her second solo album. It sold OK at the time and spawned a couple of domestic hit singles, though today to my ears sounding hopelessly dated. She has a nice teen voice, but the music is entirely ordinary European schlager with harmless lyrics - all sung in Swedish. Yet it may be of interest for die-hard ABBA fans or those into in modern music history since released as the first seeds to the combo was sown. At the time she'd already met Björn Ulvaeus and through him been introduced to Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad. A few months later she and Anni-Frid would sing background on Björn and Benny's joint album "Lycka" (Happiness) and a little after that the four performed their first stage show together as "Festfolket" (Party People). The ball was rolling and she would never be the same again. Her next two solo albums pre-ABBA were produced by Björn with a more pop oriented direction. Swedish reissue on Cupol 1974 (CLPL 1003) and on Dutch CD 2000 (Royal Records 20000001) with bonus tracks. First in mono only had label as shown here and thin fully laminated cover. (FÄV*) (SCÄ*) (CCÖ*)(ÄBBÖ*)

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