onsdag 28 oktober 2015


When posting "It's Only Rock'n'Roll" I hinted that in my world that was was the beginning of a long way down for Rolling Stones. Yet already this next album shows it wasn't a straight steep. Not that it's much rock'n'roll on it - "Crazy Mama" is and "Hand Of Fate" almost there - the rest disco funk, ballads and a raggae. But there are qualities taking it beyond the genres. Guitars are tophole all through, much because the recordings worked as a kind of tryout for a replacement to Mick Taylor, including Wayne Perkins, Harvey Mandel and Ron Wood. The audio is very inviting - full and right on - more reminding of "Exile" or Goats Head Soup than IORNR. Apart from that what really gets me are Jaggers vocals. To my taste his best singing so far had been on "Shine A Light" where the moaning, grunting and stumbling through the words alone made that song. Here he's doing about the same style on many of the tracks - like "Hey Negrita", "Cherry Oh Baby" and "Melody" - thus soiling them and making them rock. Even if not the Stones I grew up with or among my most played with the band I still think it's better than many other period rockers and that's mainly because of Mick Jagger. Issued all over the world on LP, 8-track, cassette and CD through the years. Early UK had label as shown here, matt fold/out cover and track/credit inner. (RÅ*)

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