fredag 30 oktober 2015


For more background check earlier post on her "Great Continental Hits" LP. When posting "memory lane" albums here so far I've concentrated on my dad's jazzy stuff. Valente was one of my mother's idols. Elegant and fashionable with a repertoire mostly consisting of latin music like bossa nova she came to represent urbaneness in our relatively limited lives (the earth was a lot bigger and more separated back then). As close as we could get to "world music" fiftyeight years ago. However the tracks on this is all big band jazz, accompanied by Sy Olivers Orchestra (who also worked with acts as Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong). As a jazz singer she's not up there with the best American female vocalists, but compensates lacking volume with personality and energy. Sounds like recorded live in the studio and transferred without further meddling, bringing warm audio with lots of connection and a true fifties feel. The US original (Decca DL 8440) came with other sleeve design and German on Polydor with same sleeve and record number as this. The South African shown here reminds very much of a 78 rpm. Heavy unflexible vinyl with old design label in a thin glossy colored flip/back sleeve. Something for all senses. (FÄV*) (CLÄZ*)

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