fredag 21 april 2017


A truly fine compilation well worth to be called "greatest hits". Seven high charting single A-sides coupled with two cuts from the band's debute and two from their second album. A chance for the late born to get a piece of the action from a time when jazzy prog could be turned into something commercially viable and top the most prominent lists. And for us who was there an opportunity to return and reminisce. There are no rare tracks making it collectible for completist reasons. Only oddity is the former A-sides have the 45 edits, which was changed to album versions on later CD issues. So what's special with this vinyl is you get nothing but the true hit versions as many of us heard them on stereo radio back then - here a concentrated mix of arty and catchy conveyed by top analog audio. Maybe not the most commonly sought after record today, but if you don't care too much about rarity level and just want good listening to good music it's highly recommended. Released all over the world through the years on vinyl, 8-track, reel, cassette and CD. Premiere US on Columbia (KC 31170). First UK had label as shown here and glossy cover with "The Music People" inner. (PÖP*)

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