fredag 14 april 2017

PINK FAIRIES 2384-071 (-75) UK

A band of rebels with a very interesting early history filled by famed names and close relations to other historically important groups. Way too much to get into here. If you want the full background I recommend the very exhaustive Wikipedia article. This compilation was issued through UK Polydor's Flashback serie. Two previous non-LP 45 cuts - "The Snake" and "Well Well Well" - coupled with four from "Never - Neverland" and three each from "What A Bunch Of Sweeties" and "Kings Of Oblivion". Listening while writing I totally forget it's a collection and just enjoy a very good psych rock album. Haven't had any of the originals for a very long time so I can't grade the compiling, but doubt it could have been much better. Heavy stuff with great guitars and enough odd strokes to make it special. Audio shifting but totally ok throughout. Favorite tracks - "The Snake" raw garage rock, "Do It" with a hard pumping theme and howling guitars reminding of early Hawkwind and "Well Well Well" a wild uptempo rocker. The band's original albums and 45:s can be very hard and dear to find these days. As this was the only reasonably early compilation it's also pretty much the one if you want it close to the source without paying a lot. To my knowledge there were no other vinyl issues. Japan 1991 CD as part of Polydor's "British Rock Relics" serie (POCP-2086). Premiere UK had label as shown here and thin matt cover. (PÖP*)

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