tisdag 18 april 2017


There are many reasons for nominating this as a classic live LP. Supremes was the first soul-pop act performing at Cobacabana night club in New York and though not the first black artists, certainly the first black group. The performance and album cleared the way for other Motown artists - as Temptations, Miracles and Vandellas - to play at the location, but also opened up for Supremes to do any stage of their choice and reach further into the traditional "white" record market. It was the band's first live album, including their most famed line-up - Diana Ross, Florence Ballard and Mary Wilson. Listening today it does not sound classic sixties Supremes. The vocals are there, but the surrounding backing way more elegant - elaboratedly orchestrated towards jazz and swing, more reminding of Sinatra or Matt Monro than Motown. Song choice with all certainty adjusted to the occation - apart from a couple of their own hits and a Sam Cooke medley they also try stuff like "Queen Of The House" (King Of The Road), "The Boy From Ipanema" (The Girl From Ipanema), "Put On A Happy Face" and "You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You". For a 1965 live recording both the audio and stereo mix are superb, conveying a very natural feeling allowing you to participate. I like it, my only reservation would be I can't find the real girls anywhere. The surface so posh and glossy it's hard to get beneath. Maybe it's just me, but I prefer studio recordings with the old reliable Motown gang - hard hitting and transparent enough to let their souls out. Issued and reissued all over the world on vinyl, reel, cassette and CD through the years. Premiere US on Motown (M/S 636). 2012 Motown 2xCD came with both mono and stereo versions of the originals + one expanded with the full original show. First UK had label as shown here and laminated flip/back cover. (TÖMÖ*) (LYBÖ*) (ZYZÖ*) (FÄV*)

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