söndag 9 april 2017


For band background and the story of me attending a concert with them at the time, check post on their second album - "All Systems Go!". In an international perspective they may be called a "one hit wonder" as their only world hit was "Have I The Right" which topped the lists in UK, Canada, Australia and Sweden and reached #5 in US. In Sweden though they scored one more #1 - That's The Way" - and a couple more top tens, securing a more lasting impression. Many a young boy here was in love with the drummer girl Honey Lantree and the simple catchy tunes totally caught our teeny minds. I had the album back then and played it to pieces on my old vinylcrusher. Now after being without copies for about fifty years I've found another one and thereby trying to recapture some of the former magic. There's no question I still carry many of the songs somewhere deep within, reconnecting almost immediately with tapping feet and a big smile. Cuts like "Have I The Right", "That's The Way" and "Colour Slide" are timeless pop and though some of the rest may seem dated today - so am I and we still click. My only reservation would be the audio. Lots of bass and treble and not so much midrange combined with loud cutting makes it tonally unbalanced and slightly unclear at times. But that's the way it was made fiftythree years ago so if you want it as it was - sweep up and be happy. US 1964 release on Interphone (IN/INS 88001) and Australian on Astor (PLP 1127). German 1990 CD on Repertoire Records (RR 4098-WZ) came with seven bonus tracks. UK 1966 reissue on Golden Guinea (GGL 0350) with an alternate sleeve design. Premiere UK had label as shown here and laminated flip/back cover. (PÖY*) (FÖGÄ*)

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