fredag 7 april 2017

THE WHO 623 025 (-66) GERMANY

German version of the UK "A Quick One" album. The suite "A Quick One While He's Away" and "So Sad About Us" omitted and replaced with "I'm A Boy", "Circles" and "Disguises. I've seen differing reports on the mixes appearing here - for exemple that all cuts are true stereo, or that "Circles" and "You See My Way are rechanneled the rest true. I wonder if this is the issue they're talking about, or any of many later remakes? After what I can hear here "Run Run Run" and "Heatwave" are mono. "Circles", "You See My Way", "Whiskey Man" and "Disguises" are rechanneled. "In The City", "Boris The Spider", "I Need You", Don't Look Away", "Cobwebs And Strange" and "I'm A Boy" true stereo...or at least having some true stereo effects. All cuts have less bass and more treble than the UK originals making them sound wider and clearer. "Disguises" and "Circles" come out too bright for my ears, but most of the rest is surprisingly good for a Who record from that time. Worst thing with it is I don't get "So Sad About Us", best are the stereo versions of "In The City" and "Happy Jack". There were no perfect Who compilations back then, but if counted as such this is sure one of the better. Issued in couple of other countries in the sixties, as mono or stereo, and reissued in Germany with later matrix settings (this has stamped - 1P 1966 L6 <> V 623025 A/B Made in Germany). Don't know how the mixes or audio on any of the others relates to this. Premiere German had label as shown here and thin fully laminated cover. (WÖH*) (GÖXÄ*)

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