torsdag 27 april 2017


Didn't know anything about The Cats when I found this the band's second album a while ago, but apparently during their existence 1964-79 they were one of the most successful groups emanating from the European continent, with at least one million selling single - "One Way Wind" - issued in 38 countries and topping lists in many of those. As I'm still learning I got nothing to add on the exhaustive Wikipedia article about the band's whereabouts, so if you wanna know more go there and see. This is just about the record. Judging from the colorful sleeve design you'd expect some Dutch pot-smoking psych pop, but this is far from it. Instead you get heavily orchestrated pop and ballads in the vein of Walker Brothers or Engelbert Humperdinck. Very well produced and arranged with pleasant vocals carrying a British idiom. In fact all of it sounds so typical contemporary UK mainsteam pop they could have fooled me. Good if you want romance or just a soothing background, but too much close listening can cause restless legs. Favorite track - "Rainbow Tree" - positive uptempo pop and the only cut close to psych. As I get from the net this album was originally only released on vinyl in Holland and Germany (Marcato 79363). Dutch 2003 CD (EMI 7243 5822802 1) came with two bonus tracks. First had label as shown here and thin laminated cover. (HÖLX*)

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