tisdag 4 april 2017


My first plan for this post was to make one of those track by track mono-stereo comparisons, checking for big and small dissimilarities. But so many appeared - balance between treble-bass and at large, use of reverb and phasing, differing overdubs - I need more time to present it properly and instead just doing a smaller sweep on the subject for now. Will be back performing a meticulous one later, but if you're eager to know rest assured all cuts differ and a couple a lot. The mono has been a faithful friend to me through the years and always seemed the best way to devour this great psych album. Like a love child - fully grown and well balanced, soft yet bouncy, providing very enjoyable listening. This stereo is challenging in another way. Details insisting on attention with some common effects appearing clearer. While the mono in comparison sounds smoother and more fulfilling, this is a lot more sprawling craving bigger ears and further attention. Though from the same recordings it's like I'm getting two different messages - one perfectly cool and one interestingly stirring. Both so good in their own separate ways it would be hard to choose one over the other, but if I had to it'd be the mono. Issued and reissued on vinyl and CD over the world through the years. First US and Canadian on Reprise (RS 6312). Premiere UK had label as shown here, thick vinyl and laminated flip/back mono cover with "stereo" sticker (missing here) and pictue insert. (CPYC*) (MÅW*) (FÄXI*)

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