söndag 2 april 2017


Their tenth and last album, issued two years after the breakup. Often when earlier rejected tracks from popular bands show up like this the releases are mainly the result of record company greed and the cuts subpar to regular issues, as they originally were discarded for a reason. Apparently this was an exception to that rule as the band itself had many legit reasons for it. First they had to fulfill contractual obligations to Atlantic. The members had tax debts hanging over them and this was a way to get money for that. It was also an attempt to meet the huge bootleg market, where unissued takes from studios and concerts were high in demand among fans and didn't earn a penny for the band. But most important - these tracks are tophole, not standing back to any showing up on regular albums at time for recordings. "We Gonna Grove" and "I Can't Quit You Babe" 1970 live recordings with public noise edited out showing what fantastic live band they were at that time and to my ears better than anything appearing on the 1976 "The Song Remains The Same". (Album tracklist has them as studio recordings, but after what what I get from different sources on the net that's wrong.) I'm leaving "Bonzo's Montreux" behind - an eclectic drum solo piece and fitting homage to the man, but not suitable for repeated listening or regular reviewing. "Poor Tom" a leftover from the III sessions. They could have made room for it there from the start - odd acoustic hard rock with catchy melody and great drumming. "Walter's Walk" recorded during Houses Of The Holy - a bit messy but so strange rythmically it can be labeled hard prog. Then three remaining from the In Through The Out Door recordings at ABBA's studio in Stockholm - "Darlene" bouncy fifties revival song, "Oozone Baby" very catchy with elaborated pace licks, and finally "Wearing And Tearing" got to be the the hardest and rawest they recorded during their carreer. Should come with a warning sign - after just listening once on high volume I'm totally exhausted and in need for a cool shower, a bottle of wine and a long nap. Issued and reissued all over the world through the years. Later as enhanced 2-CD together with alternate takes and assorted unfinished versions. Maybe some need that, but to me it'd been enough if they'd just included the former B-side "Hey Hey What Can I Do" here already - too good to be left out and hard to find on album elswhere. First UK had label as shown here and a thick structured embossed fold/out cover with tracklist/credit inner. (LÖZ*)

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