torsdag 13 april 2017


I'm into collecting for the songs, mixes and audio and usually not overly particular about sleeves or inserts as long as it's quality press good music and the rest at least decent. But at a few occations I can pick an item just for the package. This is one of those. A soundtrack from some long forgotten movie I guess only the most faithful fans watched at the time. Bill topped by "Cliff Richard and The Shadows" which can make you believe they perform together most of the record, but no. Shadows doing three numbers alone, Cliff sings six to orchestral backing and only five by them together - whereof just "Dancing Shoes" uptempo classic style. Stereo is true and though sometimes mixed hard left and right the audio is loud, clear and natural. It comes in a stiff laminated flip/back cover with color pic also on rear. Inner sleeve has eight pics from the movie plus info on plot and cast. Label is old style Columbia turquoise/silver - to my taste one of the yummiest on vinyl - supposedly only used up to 1962, maybe they had a couple of spare ones. So not the most rewarding musically, but everything else makes it worth while. 1963 issues in Europe, Downunder, India and South Africa. UK 2003 CD (EMI 543 9992) came with ten bonus tracks. (CXÄ*) (ZÖNT*)

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