tisdag 11 april 2017


Through this blog I've followed the band's transition from guitar instrumentals and garage towards mainstream. A four year journey not without painful turns. On this their last album as a rock group the conversion was completed. Insted of dirty r&b I get well produced British style pop with additional strings and/or brass. As a tough inherited Northlander at the time I was all into the band's early garage LP:s and the guys moving south and getting soft, as they did around 1965, was seen a betrayal making this album a definitive no no. Now fifty years later I'm listening with more forgiving ears and what do you know - it may not be that bad after all. They were never great singers, though here the vocals are kept within reachable range. The arrangements are nicely accomodative and there are a couple of moments that can make it worthwhile even for a more adventurous listener. "Away From You" has a prominent fuzz guitar conterpointing the melody all through, fuzz also on "Sunday Will Never Be The Same" but lower in the mix there. "My Mind Cries" is good pop psych and "Without You" odd baroque pop. It would be hard to a bad cover of BeeGees smashing "New York Mining Disaster 1941" and the one here is pleasant - faithful to the original, but a little more towards psych with great strings. I'm clearly starting to warm up here and getting more positive. Let's make it a work in progress and see where it leads. Don't know of any other releases or reissues. This came with label as shown here, thick vinyl and thin, fully laminated cover. (CCÖ*) (SCÄ*) (XHÄ*)

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