fredag 26 maj 2017


My kind of sampler. Two LP:s with some really good stuff from U.A. and Liberty labels at the time, wrapped in a kind of luxurious heavily structured cover with a twelve page booklet containing info, pics and UK discography for the twenty involved acts. Only 45 edit seems to be Eric Burdon & War "Spill That Wine" while the rest are album versions. For me most interesting with issues like this is getting to know bands and/or songs I never heard or even heard of before. Here combos like Sweet Pain, Morning, Cochise and Help Yourself are all new to my ears and very good listening. Better late than never. It's hard to choose best separate tracks though the entire side three works very well for me. Raw rockers from Groundhogs, Sugarloaf, Hawkwind and Amon Duul II, followed by a softer melodic one from Morning. Not the "clean fun" promised by the title, but much dirtier greetings from not so tidy times. Also originally issued on vinyl downunder (U.A. SUAL 934294). UK 2004 3XCD release (Liberty 8660902) came extended to 39 tracks. (SÄM*)

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