fredag 5 maj 2017


I'm a big fan of Irish three-piece band Taste's two studio albums, filled with high quality heavy blues rock, sometimes towards prog or hard rock (see earlier posts). Star of the combo was guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Rory Gallagher (1948-95). When they broke up 1970 Gallagher went for a solo carreer and issued his first, eponymous, album with new backing just a little later. I haven't heard that for a very long time, but as I remember though with about the same mix of blues and prog as on the previous band LP:s it came out a little too well produced and elegant for the younger more restless me...may have to get another copy to see if I like it better now in my autumn years. However this second solo LP don't need any revaluation on my part. Self-penned and self-produced primitive blues rock, part acoustic, carrying a live-in-the-studio feeling. Simpler than the two Taste albums yet with the same direct and personal atmosphere. Though bass/drum backing, played by Gerry McAvoy and Wilgar Campbell, may be perceived as rudimentary it's fully appropriate as ground for Gallaghers guitars and vocals. I could have wished for heavier with a little less acoustic, but it is what it is and there sure are enough guitar goodies to make it worthwhile. Favorite tracks - "Used To Be" a heavy blues rocker carried by top licks and "Maybe I Will" jazzy prog with an equilibristic solo. Earliest issues in Europe and downunder. US 1972 on ATCO (SD 7004). Japan 2007 CD on BMG (BVCM 37881) came with one bonus track. Premiere UK had label as shown here and thin glossy cover.

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