söndag 21 maj 2017


Always throught the mono was a simple fold from some original stereo tapes. But after finding a stereo mate for my mono copy and doing pre-post checking around the net I'm more confused than enlightened. There are numerous theories and "truths" how the formats relate. One is - the true stereos involved were folded to mono along with the true monos, then all tracks rechanneled for the stereo issue and the mono issue got a fold of the rechanneling. Why on earth they'd done something like that I don't know; but however far-fetched it would for exemple explain "Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand" and "I Can See For Miles" where both issues have variations of the original stereo takes, but the stereo album having rechannelings instead of the true stereos and the mono album folds. Now enough with the scutinizing. The band wasn't exactly known for top audio in the sixties anyway and most early compilations suck. Even if both versions are faked, one way or the other, it wouldn't be the only time such handeling showed up on a Who album back then. So like it or not - it's still UK Track originals with great songs from a legendary rock outfit and thus a must for most true fans. Originally issued in Europe and downunder. In Australia, Holland, Italy and Germany as "The Best Of The Who" with alternate sleeve designs. 2007 Japan CD on Polydor (UICP-93004) as remastered mono. Premiere UK had structured labels as shown here and thin laminated cover. (TRÄC*) (WÖH*) (CPYC*) (MÅW*)

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